Problems forwarding port 3389

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Wed Mar 23 07:49:56 MST 2005

Doran Barton wrote:
> Make sure your iptables rules allow traffic to a port in addition to
> forward it.

As you can see in the script all traffic is currently set to ACCEPT.  So 
unless if there is something I am missing (which I think I am, and is 
the reason I posted my question) then I haven't any idea why this is not 
forwarding that specific port.

>># IP address, ports and protocols of services accessible by the public.
>># Use "protocol:public-port:private-ip:private-port" with a space
>>between each entry.
>>SERVICES="tcp:80: tcp:8017:
>>udp:8017: tcp:8080:"
> This notation seems to indicate your public port forwarding to the internal
> box on port 3389 is 8017, not 3389.

Sorry, the script I sent is one where I tried to change the inbound port 
to see if that port was being blocked for some reason.  The change of 
port didn't seem to help.  And I added the UDP to see if maybe it Remote 
Desktop used UDP, which is doesn't seem to.  Neither of these worked 

kenneth at uvlu.gorg

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