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Kyle kyle at actarg.com
Mon Mar 21 08:44:09 MST 2005

<quote who="Kyle">

>> - ldap to sql gateway
>>   This would be an ldap server which would use an sql (or other arbitrary
>>   backend) as its data store.  This would allow contact information to be
>>   stored in a relational database, but then be accessed by mozilla,
>>   evolution, or any other similar frontend.
>OpenLDAP already does this. It can use PostgreSQL, MySQL, BDB, and many
>other backends.
That's what I understand, but I've never seen it actually done 
successfully.  I gave up on my last (feable) attempt in frustration.  It 
was my impression that a thin layer of work (scripts, wrappers, 
examples, etc.) could be added on the backend of OpenLDAP that would 
make it very easy for someone like me to merely insert my SQL chunklets 
where needed and make the thing work.  Or, maybe my problem is that I 
just have a mental-block when it comes to LDAP...

> I'm not sure about the other items on the list, but it
>might be a good idea to double-check that they don't already exist as
I have done some searching.  It looks like evolution has some support 
for different backends.  I haven't found anything on the other items.

Regardless, the devil is in the details.  It is one thing for a feature 
to be theoretically possible.  It is another thing to actually implement 
it and/or package it in a way that people can deploy with a reasonably 
low pain threshold.

>I mean... Um... On second thought... I'll happily "add" that feature to
>OpenLDAP for a small fee.. It will take me, oh, about 300 hours... I can
>deliver the finished product tomorrow. ;)
Hey,  go for it!  Seriously, if you're interested, contact me off-list.


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