Sponsorships available

Kyle kyle at actarg.com
Fri Mar 18 14:16:19 MST 2005

Action Target is a local manufacturing company that runs mostly on Linux 
and other open-source software.  We have a number of new project ideas 
we think would be an asset to the open-source community.  We would be 
willing to be a partial sponsor of a programmer who would like to take 
on one or more of these projects.   We will be offering this to any 
programmer who would like to participate, but would like to give the 
local community a first shot at this.

Here are a few project ideas we are hoping to be able to sponsor.  If 
anyone is interested, feel free to contact me at kyle at actarg.com.

 - imap to sql gateway                                 
  This would be an imap server which would use an sql (or other arbitrary
   backend) as its data store.  This would allow you to use any standard
   email agent like mozilla, evolution, etc. but have your email stored
   in a relational, shared database so it could be integrated with other

 - ldap to sql gateway
   This would be an ldap server which would use an sql (or other arbitrary
   backend) as its data store.  This would allow contact information to be
   stored in a relational database, but then be accessed by mozilla,
   evolution, or any other similar frontend.

 - mozilla plugin for UPS printer
   In order for small businesses to use the UPS on-line shipping system,
   they are currently forced to use a Windows based terminal.  The UPS
   shipping system is web based, so that works OK, but when it comes to
   printing a shipping label (generated by the UPS site), it is required
   to have a browser pluging which will receive the print file (a Zebra
   standard print file) and send it to the local printer.  This would be
   a fairly simple plugin but would require someone who actually knows
   how to make a plugin.  The rest of the code should not be complex.

 - evolution to sql gateway
   Evolution supports the notion of shared calendars and multiple and 
   backend data stores.  It would be helpful to many to have an interface
   layer to allow one to write a set of SQL scripts which would interact 
   an arbitrary sql backend to retrieve and store calendar data.  This way,
   the calendar data could interact with other programs and processes (in
   addition to working inside evolution).

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