Sound Questions

Jason Jones j at
Thu Mar 17 14:48:26 MST 2005

I've never used it because I have an audigy which supports multiple 
sound streams by default....  but a program called "dmix" (or "demux"... 
not sure) will allow mixing, I believe.  Just a shot in the dark.


Matthew Frederico wrote:

>>You can't do hardware mixing on that sound card, which means you can
>>only have one sound application working at a time.  You can do software
>>mixing however, you simply need to use a sound daemon like arts or esd.
>I found the command "esddsp /usr/bin/skype" It works BETTER, e.g. if I
>put the caller on "hold" I can play sound with other programs.  If M$
>can do it, I know it has to be possible.

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