Sound Questions

Josh Hansen lists at
Thu Mar 17 14:14:55 MST 2005

Matthew Frederico wrote:
> Something I have noticed with linux, is its sound has weirdness.  For
> example, I am using XMMS, and in order for me to use Skype, I have to
> shut down xmms.  I can't play XMMS and talk via skype at the same
> time.
> using Alsa and I8x0
> I've googled for it, and can't find any answer that can conclusively
> tell me if it can be done or not.


You can't do hardware mixing on that sound card, which means you can 
only have one sound application working at a time.  You can do software 
mixing however, you simply need to use a sound daemon like arts or esd.


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