C++ Template: Table Class

Derek Burdick derek at burdick.cc
Wed Mar 16 23:40:19 MST 2005

David Smith wrote:

>I'm looking for a template class that'll let me setup aribtrarily wide
>tables. Something like this:
>  std::table< int, int, float, int > myTable;
>  ...
>  iter = myTable.find( int, int, float );
>Or something like that. The goal is to setup some lookup tables and reuse
>the same code for each one, even though they have different numbers of
>columns and different typed columns. It needs to be self-contained in the
>code, so something like SQLite is out. Any ideas?
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I would look at tuples for the variable part.  

As far as having it in a table, you could try to use a vector and write 
your own compare function.  That way you could have:

std::vector<tuple<int, int, float, int>, compare class > ...  My syntax 
is most likely off, but you get the idea.

It as been a while since I have done any hardcore template programming 
,but maybe this will help start you down the right path.


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