Converting ulaw to VBR mp3

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Wed Mar 16 18:22:10 MST 2005

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:52:59 -0700, Dr G <goateye at> wrote:
> a better lame setting is this:
> lame --preset standard temp.wav  temp.mp3
> --preset standard is the same as r3mix, but 128 min...

All these files are voice, and the source is 8k ulaw.

My latest incarnation is thus:

lame -V 7 --highpass 0.125 --lowpass 3.4 \
     --lowpass-width 0 --noshort temp.wav  temp.mp3

Is the '--preset standard' still recommended in this scenario?

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