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Dr. Scott S. Jones drjones at xmission.com
Wed Mar 16 07:36:48 MST 2005


I feel compelled to respond to your post. I share the same contempt for 
IHC as for nearly every insurance carrier. I try to keep things in 
perspective by simply remembering the insurance company's position: Sign 
up lots of subscribers, collect lots of premiums, and bet the farm that 
no one gets sicks, dies or needs any care. If they do then we'll stall 
till the cows come home and only pay the most fit and most diligent in 
the crowd. Insurers are in the business of collecting premiums and NOT 
paying claims. Otherwise they lose money. Pure and Simple.

>I have private health insurance from IHC. I am not very happy with it, but it 
>covers the doctors my wife uses. I also looked at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and 
>Altius. I found them all to be overpriced, undervalued, and generally 
>A non-traditional way to fund health expenses is to get a Health Savings 
>Account (HSA), as signed into law by President Bush in 2003 and just now 
>widely available. The idea is to have a high-deductible insurance plan for 
>catastrophic coverage, and then to put tax-free money aside for day-to-day 
>medical expenses. Unlike previous options, any unused money is available 
>after retirement like an IRA.
>Blue Cross/Blue Shield offers an online introduction about HSA's here:
>IHC offers an HSA plan called HealthSave:
>I haven't tried it yet, but I'd rather spend a little more on occassion than 
>pay as much as I am currently paying to the health insurance industry and 
>their minions.
Not sure what your stand is on chiropractic, but if you value natural 
healthcare insist on asking and knowing whether the plan you choose will 
cover treatment with your chiropractor. As well when purchasing or 
renewing your auto insurance policy, instead of opting for the mandatory 
$3000 PIP coverage, spend just a few bucks more per years and get $25k 
or even $100k for the PIP coverage. Then if (God forbid) you do get 
injured while driving, you can get the care you really need, instead of 
being summarily cut off at the $3000 limit.

For what it's worth...

Dr. Jones

p.s. IHC doesn't like chiropractic or anything else that wrests power 
from the pharmaceutical and medical establishment. Be educated in buying 

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