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Sasha Pachev sasha at
Tue Mar 15 13:13:31 MST 2005


We went with the $2500/$5000 deductible IHC plan, which has the premium of 
$203/month for us - a family of 6 with the oldest member 31 years old. The rates 
go up when you get older - I tried to challenge this policy, and although I have 
very good reasons to claim that my biological age is around 18, the challenge 
was not successful.

We do what we can to avoid getting sick. Junk food is banned at our house, every 
family member is required to exercise, and hand washing is strictly enforced. 
Our kids are homeschooled, which has a positive side effect of reduced germ 
exposure in enclosed areas. When we get sick, we first try a natural remedy, 
then an over the counter medication, and go to the doctor as a last resort.

Sasha Pachev
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