mpeg editor that works? Anyone?

Eric Jensen eric at
Tue Mar 15 12:00:41 MST 2005

Jason Jones wrote:

>> So is anybody successfully editing DVD's?
> I

I do quite a bit of DVD authoring.  I like DVD Maestro the best 
personally, lets you get pretty advanced but not to the insane confusion 
of Scenarist.  Lots of encoding software that's good too.  TMPEGEnc DVD 
Source Creator does a great job in converting most video formats to 
mpeg2.  TMPEGEnc DVD Author will create really simple DVDs if you don't 
want to get into the details that Maestro allows.  During the entire 
project I end up using quite a bit of different software packages.  Just 
all depends on the task at hand.

Eric Jensen

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