Filesystems Raid, ReiserFS and hours of fun

Jeff Davies jeff_davies at
Tue Mar 15 00:27:10 MST 2005



Does anyone have any knowledge using ReiserFS with a Raid 5 and large
capacity drives?


I am looking for a possible explanation on two things that have happened


1. One of my Raid drives came out of sync with the array so it was degraded
(reason still unkown, possibly bad blocks, or defective drive). I Shutdown
system fixed the problem rebuilt the drive and than the filesystem on boot
reports major corruption.

2. On boot ReiserFS said there was major corruption that required a
resiserfsck (this nice little utility should be a whole topic of
conversation another day :-) ) 

3. So now I "was" am with a rebuilt drive a "fixed" ReiserFS and the
filesystem now oddly enough is reporting inaccurate sizes of files and
directories among other things strange things..


Can anyone shed any light on the mystery..


Ok here are the basic details.


1.	cd install of SUSE 9.1 Professional / w updates (nothing special)
2.	Serial ATA Raid 5 total 460 GIG
3.	resierfs 3.6.1 (according to reiserfsck)


The array was configured following hardware specifications. 

SUSE recognized the array as a block device with no problem.


Any one experience anything similar with resiserfs and raid?




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