how to insert module in kernel 2.6

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Mon Mar 14 22:36:12 MST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 09:51 +0500, nikhilpurwant at wrote:
> hi
>     i want to insert a module ( .o format)  which gets inserted with
> some warnings in the kernel  2.4.x.x ( usinf insmod) but when same is
> tried in 2.6 it gives invalid module format error is it because the
> format should be .ko ? and how to insert this module ( .o) in the
> kernel 2.6?

Correct.  A module compiled for the 2.4 kernel will not work in the 2.6
kernel.  You'll have to compile a new module from source specifically
for your kernel version to get this to work.  If you are doing this and
still getting a .o file, you'll want to contact the maintainers of the
module and report this as a bug as 2.6 kernel modules have an extension
".ko."  Once  you have a module compiled as a .ko file, insert it the
same way you did before with modprobe or insmod.


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