Any benefits of Nero over K3B?

Jason Jones j at
Mon Mar 14 18:51:15 MST 2005

Jared Bernard wrote:

>On Monday 14 March 2005 5:15, Hans Fugal wrote:
>>Do you realize that by rebooting, you violated the DMCA?
>I dumb. Please explain how rebooting violates the DMCA?
Well, if you look at patent #398-AL3K-VILI37-728888201 of Microsoft, you 
quickly realize that they have patented the "rebooting" process (as is 
described by their patent #9835-C4-3310) so technically speaking, every 
time you reboot your machine you're committing an infringment upon a 
Microsoft patent.  I'm surprised everyone doesn't know this.  It was 
created due to the extensive use of the "rebooting" feature on all 
Microsoft products.


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