Any benefits of Nero over K3B?

Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Mar 14 17:06:38 MST 2005

Jared Bernard wrote:

>On Monday 14 March 2005 5:15, Hans Fugal wrote:
>>Do you realize that by rebooting, you violated the DMCA?
>I dumb. Please explain how rebooting violates the DMCA?
Not sure if he meant it this way, but I took it as a joke.  Just like 
when that teenager was taken to court for violating the DMCA when he 
held down the SHIFT key to circumvent the latest and greatest copy right 
protection on audio CDs.  It was a silly idea to begin with.  Their 
'protection' would only load if you had auto-run enabled, which can be 
disabled completely or situationally by holding down the SHIFT key.  It 
was pretty evil once it did load though, would try and crash Windows 
amongst other things.  So be warned, if you find away around copy 
protection because of limitations of a Windows only feature you probably 
shouldn't it post it all over the internet.  Unless you have great 
lawyers anyway. ;)

Eric Jensen

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