Any benefits of Nero over K3B?

Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Mar 14 14:58:20 MST 2005

Let me elaborate on that.  ISOs are fine, it's when you try and copy 
protected materials.  Like do a straight CD/DVD copy that is set as copy 
right protected.  It will yell at you for being a dirty thief and then 
stop your burn.  It hoses all your next CD/DVDs only after it writes the 
TOC and tries to start burning actual data.  Then it remembers you are a 
dirty thief and cancels the burn.  I only came accross this because I 
had a home DVD I was trying to copy, but the author checked the copy 
right box when making it.  And it was in an older version (Nero 5-ish 
maybe) so that bug might be fixed.  Many other software packages will do 
something similar when detecting that copy right protection, definately 
not a Nero only thing.

Eric Jensen

Jared Bernard wrote:

>On Monday 14 March 2005 4:45, Eric Jensen wrote:
>>I haven't tried the Linux Nero, but I love the Windows one.  Best
>>Windows burner I have ever used.  And to burn an ISO you can just file,
>>open the .iso or use the menu options.  Only thing Nero has done to
>>cause me harm is it is very strict with copyrighted material and will
>>lock your drive so you can no longer burn anything until you reboot.
>>Eric Jensen
> Holy Cow! I'll just continue using K3B. I can easily burn .iso 's without the 
>lock up.
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