AIM TOS change (convince family to change to firefox)

Jared Bernard jared.bernard at
Mon Mar 14 12:48:54 MST 2005

That's nothing. When I was single, I had an older computer that I "donated" as 
community use for my roommates, which sat in our dining room. I changed the 
shortcut Icons for's Writer, Calc and Impress with MS Word, 
Excel, and powerpoint and they didn't even notice. They called it MS Word 
whenever they made references to typing something up. 

On Monday 14 March 2005 2:53, Jordan S. Jones wrote:
> Now that cracks me up..
> Jordan

> Jake Pollmann wrote:

> >>Steve Dibb wrote:
> >>>Practically speaking, how *do* you convince friends and family to switch
> >>>to something else based on a matter of principle?
> >
> >I convinced a few people in my family by changing the Firefox icon to
> >the blue e.  They don't notice the difference.

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