AIM TOS change

Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Mar 14 11:17:11 MST 2005

Steve Dibb wrote:

> Practically speaking, how *do* you convince friends and family to 
> switch to something else based on a matter of principle?
> Steve

That is tricky, but with enough exaggerated "hax0r" and various 
security, malware, virus, etc scary stories you can convert most of 
those types.  Something like "AOL *might* read your conversation!", all 
you get is a /shrug.  But if you spin it as them selling their 
information to a 3rd party, especially those interested in identify 
theft, you might get a few eyebrows to raise up.  My family is starting 
to become very interested in Simp Pro as they use the internet more and 
more.  Especially with my horror stories from various web projects or 
random RTFM.  We have all seen how well scare tactics work on the 
public, so start using it! ;)

Eric Jensen

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