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Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Mar 14 10:57:54 MST 2005

I haven't worked on a Linux workstation for some time (be fixing that 
soon I hope), but for Windows I use Simp Pro with Trillian.  It works 
with anything though, including the Windows port for Gaim.  Or just 
running each client individually.,ie

Eric Jensen

Stuart Jansen wrote:

>For those rare few that dont'read Slashdot, here's something worth
>paying attention to. AOL has changed the terms of server for AIM:
>For those that are uncomfortable with the changer, there are two
>options. One is to start encrypting all of you gaim traffic:
>I've done this off and on for a couple years. Unfortunately, no major
>distro (other than gentoo, which doesn't count) supports gaim-encryption
>out of the box. (Debian unstable seems to have it, but the package isn't
>signed at the moment.)  I've had it repeatedly break on me, and few
>people use it.
>Alternatively, show AOL that you don't appreciate the new TOS by
>switching services. Now's a great time to switch to Jabber and encourage
>your friends to too. Jabber is a decentralized service. You can get
>accounts from,, or setup your own server.
>Most jabber clients (including gaim) include the ability to register for
>new accounts within the client. See
>Of course, the best solution is doing both. Which I plan to do as soon
>as the Debian package is signed.
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