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Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Mon Mar 14 10:21:06 MST 2005

For those rare few that dont'read Slashdot, here's something worth
paying attention to. AOL has changed the terms of server for AIM:

For those that are uncomfortable with the changer, there are two
options. One is to start encrypting all of you gaim traffic:

I've done this off and on for a couple years. Unfortunately, no major
distro (other than gentoo, which doesn't count) supports gaim-encryption
out of the box. (Debian unstable seems to have it, but the package isn't
signed at the moment.)  I've had it repeatedly break on me, and few
people use it.

Alternatively, show AOL that you don't appreciate the new TOS by
switching services. Now's a great time to switch to Jabber and encourage
your friends to too. Jabber is a decentralized service. You can get
accounts from,, or setup your own server.

Most jabber clients (including gaim) include the ability to register for
new accounts within the client. See

Of course, the best solution is doing both. Which I plan to do as soon
as the Debian package is signed.

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