Damaged CD

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Fri Mar 11 11:36:35 MST 2005

Dan Stovall wrote:

>On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 10:25:17 -0700, Eric Jensen <eric at emstraffic.com> wrote:
>>Depends on where the damage is.  If the plastic (butter side) is damaged
>>then you can get one of those CD buffers.  They make your disc look like
>>it was used as a hockey puck, but for some reason it works.  I've use it
>>on CDs, DVDs, GameCube games, etc and it worked great every time.  If
>>the damage is done on the label side then there really isn't anything
>>you can do.
>>Eric Jensen
>Where did you pick those up?  I have looked online at radio shack,
>circuit city and compusa and there is nothing on their websites?  I
>can find it on Froogle but I would rather pick one up locally then
>order it and wait.  I have serveral DVDs that my son has rendered
>worhtless with scratches that I would like to try and fix.  How many
>discs can you do with one kit?
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You can get them at Wal-mart or Media Play.  You can tell when the 
sander is starting to wear out too.  And depending on how much you have 
to grind on one disc, I would say you could do a dozen or so before 
needing to replace the sander.  Next to this disc doctor you can also 
buy plastic sleeves that will fit over your CDs and they still fit in a 
CD-ROM and most CD players.  Tried a few out, but hard to remember to 
use them since CD-Rs are a dime a dozen now days.  Hard to care about 
their delicacy. ;)

Eric Jensen

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