Damaged CD

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Fri Mar 11 11:13:53 MST 2005

That was my guess too, it was at least consistantly "sanded".  All 
damage going in the same direction, instead of criss-crossing 
scratches.  FYI, if you keep the disc very wet with the lemonade looking 
fluid that comes with these disc doctors then the "scarring" isn't 
nearly as bad.

Eric Jensen

Kenneth Burgener wrote:

> Eric Jensen wrote:
>> Depends on where the damage is.  If the plastic (butter side) is 
>> damaged then you can get one of those CD buffers.  They make your 
>> disc look like it was used as a hockey puck, but for some reason it 
>> works.  I've use it on CDs, DVDs, GameCube games, etc and it worked 
>> great every time.  If the damage is done on the label side then there 
>> really isn't anything you can do.
> I wonder if the reason it works, even though the CD buffer doesn't 
> make it look perfect, is due to some principals of optics.  If you 
> have a scratch in on your CD, then when the laser gets to that area 
> there is a major change in the refraction suddenly, and it doesn't 
> like that. But, if the whole area is buffed up and smeared, then the 
> refraction is smoother for that area and the disc reader can handle it 
> better.
> Just an educated guess, though.
> Kenneth
> kenneth at uvlug.org
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