Questions about distributed repositories

Richard Esplin richjunk1 at
Fri Mar 11 08:32:16 MST 2005

Thank you, Nicholas, for your response. It was very informative and helpful. 
I'll have to give Bitkeeper a closer look.

Can anyone answer my questions with regard to Aegis, Arch, and Darcs?

Richard Esplin

On Friday 11 March 2005 08:23, Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> On Thursday 10 March 2005 09:16 pm, Richard Esplin wrote:
> > Suppose that I check out a copy of the master repository on my local
> > machine and make 10 commits to it. These commits do not effect the code
> > in the master repository. I can commit a log message with each local
> > check-in, and I can roll back my local copy to any of those ten versions
> > any time I want. At some point I can merge my local repository with the
> > main code base so that other developers on my team can use it. When other
> > developers on my team sync with the main repository, they will then have
> > my changes. This much I understand.
<snip questions about distributed repositories>

> This may depend on the system you choose.  I only have experience with CVS
> and Bitkeeper.
<snip thoughtful responses by Nicholas>

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