The Human Interface

shadoi shadoi at
Thu Mar 10 10:28:17 MST 2005

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

>> I agree that zooming out of a game and checking on our other work would
>> be fun.
> I just think that the whole desktop model is bad. The whole reason 
> that I use a computer is so that I do not have papers and tools spread 
> all over my desk. I don't want to waste time and have the headache of 
> sifting through documents, zooming in and out, reaching for pens or 
> calculators. I love the digital age where the only thing on my desk is 
> a keyboard, mouse, stylus, and display. All of the equipment of the 
> office of the past (erasers, staplers, pens, post-it notes, paper, 
> etc.) has all been rendered obsolete. The idea of things laid out 
> where you can see them is nice, but having to zoom and pan across to 
> find something won't work for power users. When I need to look up a 
> note on my Stickie note, I want to cmd + tab and instantly be there 
> instead of having to zoom out, scan for the right note, and then zoom 
> back in.

Nothing would stop you from using the _exact_ same methods to accomplish 
the same thing.  Think of expose for OS X, it's basically a transition 
from a generic Alt-TAB method, to something more THE-like.  Visual 
representation helps, and there's no reason it can't be as fast or 
faster than current methods. 


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