The Human Interface

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Thu Mar 10 10:08:51 MST 2005

> I agree that zooming out of a game and checking on our other work would
> be fun.

I just think that the whole desktop model is bad. The whole reason that 
I use a computer is so that I do not have papers and tools spread all 
over my desk. I don't want to waste time and have the headache of 
sifting through documents, zooming in and out, reaching for pens or 
calculators. I love the digital age where the only thing on my desk is 
a keyboard, mouse, stylus, and display. All of the equipment of the 
office of the past (erasers, staplers, pens, post-it notes, paper, 
etc.) has all been rendered obsolete. The idea of things laid out where 
you can see them is nice, but having to zoom and pan across to find 
something won't work for power users. When I need to look up a note on 
my Stickie note, I want to cmd + tab and instantly be there instead of 
having to zoom out, scan for the right note, and then zoom back in.
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