what kind of warning is this

nikhilpurwant at hathway.com nikhilpurwant at hathway.com
Thu Mar 10 08:39:32 MST 2005

hi i'm using kernel version 2.4.20-8 (RHL) and my project requires a module to be inserted which gets inserted with some warnings and also works fine but only for some time 
(2-3 minutes) and then the system hangs with caps lock and scroll lock lights flashing until i restart so does this indicate some kind of specific warning please let me know 
(also we are overriding some default functions of the linux kernel like those related to networking and data storage in our module ) 
also when i tried to insert it in the kernel 2.6.X.X it says it to be invalid module format ( it is a .o file by the way) why is this ?

how do i debug the things so as to what exactly is the problem and where exactly it is occuring ( using printk as of now) 

thanks in advance


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