The Human Interface

shadoi shadoi at
Wed Mar 9 16:13:18 MST 2005

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

> Granted this is just a concept demo, is incomplete, and may not 
> represent his ideas completely, but...
> Although I agree that it is neat and fun to use, it is much less 
> efficient than other existing UI designs and processes. I can fly 
> through files in the terminal, navigate a website with tabs, search 
> thousands of documents on google, pop between applications with Mac 
> OS' expose, or navigated pages in a PDF with the down arrow key much, 
> much, much faster than I can zooming in and out of this virtual spread 
> of documents.

The idea is that you can make it any way you'd like, things that need 
more emphasis and "permanence" would be prominent and easily accessible 
(most likely by hot-key, etc).  When you think about it in depth, it's 
capable of the exact same experience without all the strange metaphors 
we have currently.  It's also not meant to be just documents, it's meant 
to contain ALL applications.


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