The Human Interface

Eric Jensen eric at
Wed Mar 9 15:38:56 MST 2005

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

>> That is really cool.  Is this the documentation of the future?  You 
>> could fit an entire encyclopedia on one page...
> Granted this is just a concept demo, is incomplete, and may not 
> represent his ideas completely, but...
> Although I agree that it is neat and fun to use, it is much less 
> efficient than other existing UI designs and processes. I can fly 
> through files in the terminal, navigate a website with tabs, search 
> thousands of documents on google, pop between applications with Mac 
> OS' expose, or navigated pages in a PDF with the down arrow key much, 
> much, much faster than I can zooming in and out of this virtual spread 
> of documents.

I agree, it is very neat.  But hard to see how an OS could work around 
the concept.  Personally, I would end up destroying my computer by 
hiding very large applications in very tiny spaces and forgetting they 
are there. ;)


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