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Wed Mar 9 12:14:47 MST 2005

Eric Jensen wrote:

> Trying to do some cron stuff and want to make sure something wont run 
> twice.  We need it to run every monday as well as on the 2nd and 
> 16th.  If I do something like 0 11 2,16 * 1 then I imagine it will 
> only run on the 2nd and 16th if they are Mondays.  So I was going to 
> split them into two jobs.  One for every monday like 0 11 * * 1 and 
> one for the 2nd and 16th 0 11 2,16 * *.  But what if the 2nd is also a 
> Monday.  Will it run twice?  If it has two entries and criteria is 
> matched for both, I would imagine it would.  And that is bad.  Any 
> suggestions?
> Eric Jensen
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The day of week and the day of month operate independently.  Your 
initial rule will run things on the 2nd and the 16th, as well as on 
Monday.  No changes are necessary.

Steve Spigarelli

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