Tricky Deleting

Eric Jensen eric at
Tue Mar 8 17:16:48 MST 2005

Working with a new backup scheme and trying to think of a good way to 
delete all sub folders of a directory, but not any files in the root of 
the directory.  For example, I have a directory structure like: 
/2005/03/08.  Folder '03' has a folder for every single day with the 
daily backups.  At the end of the month I am moving the last day's 
backups to the root of the month's folder (03) and then want to clear 
out all the daily folders.  I could just copy them to a temporary 
folder, do the traditional rm -rf and move the files back.  But curious 
to know if there is a handier way to do this, since I'm sure it will 
come up again.

Eric Jensen

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