March Meeting

James Lance james at
Mon Mar 7 16:42:46 MST 2005

It is time for the March NUPM meeting this week.  We will be meeting on 
Wednesday (9th) at 6:30.  We are meeting at the ViaWest building.  See for directions.

This month Paul Seamons will be presenting on Taint and CGI::Ex.  Here is his 
outline for the meeting:

Use taint! Your last excuse is gone.

1) Top Reasons why you should use taint (5 min)

2) Top Reasons why people don't use taint even though they should (3 min)

3) Removing all excuses as to why you should use taint (5 min)

4) Validating your data (7 min)
   Common goals of:
   and homegrown.

5) One of these things is not like the others. (10 min)
   Extended features of CGI::Ex::Validate
   (OK - all of the things are not like any of the others)

6) Tying it back together (and hopefully not tripping) (2 min)

If people bring laptops, it would be good to have CGI::Ex and
Taint::Runtime installed.  I'll have code examples available
on a website and on a pass-around CD.

James Lance
SFX Consulting Inc.
james at
801-281-1503 (home)
801-898-1972 (cell)
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