March's Meeting for PLUG

Doug Thompson norsk5 at
Mon Mar 7 16:32:53 MST 2005

Jason asked me to post a bit about this week's
meeting, which is at ViaWest as per

Last month he asked me to present information on
CSCOPE, a curses based code browser. I have used
CSCOPE on various systems for 18 years and found it's
simplicity to be its best feature. It is far better
than 'grep' for finding C symbols in a command line

And it integrates with GVIM and EMACS, though I only
use GVIM.

I will be using the linux kernel src as an example.

See for some background.

Doug Thompson
Probably the first guy to learn C in Utah county in
1980 at BYU in Dr Evan Ivie's first course on UNIX
Version 6. I have worked in UNIX kernels on and off
for 25 years. In that same time I did alot of the
Netware (5.0) SMP Kernel work (1996-1999)  along with
some other great engineers. After reading what the
linux kernel team did in linux with SMP, after the
work I did on Netware SMP, I see I did the "right"
things right.

"If you think Education is expensive, just try Ignorance"

"Don't tell people HOW to do things, tell them WHAT you
want and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."
                   Gen George Patton

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