Corrupt files with 3ware, 3w-9xxx driver?

shadoi shadoi at
Mon Mar 7 10:51:59 MST 2005

Lance Grover wrote:

>I am having an interesting problem on a couple of servers, after
>putting files on it, especially if they are not plain text, we get
>file corruption.  The servers are high end Tyan motherboards, Xeon
>procs, 4GB mem, 3ware 9000 series RAID cards with SATA 250GB drives
>(16 total).  We are running samba-3.0.10-1.fc2 (samba 3.0.10 on
>FedoraCore2).  On friday, we put some files (5GB worth) on this box,
>and 2 hours latter some of the files were corrupt, I should say that
>our windows boxes have McAfee 8Oi running on them.  We then restored
>the files from the last backup and all the files worked, then 2-3
>hours latter they would not open again.  We had been using the files
>on a different samba server (same version and OS, just PATA drives
>with a raid controller that looks like scsi to the hardware), and
>there were no issues and they were on that box for about 2 weeks.  The
>only difference between the two boxes seems to be the hardware, even
>the kernels are the same (2.6.5-1.358smp), also the only difference in
>the smb.conf file is that the one server that corrupts the files has
>"encrypt passwords = yes" and the one that does not corrupt does not.

Are these systems running in a 1 or 2U rackmount case with a riser 
card?  If so I happen to know that there are issues with some riser 
cards that don't have resistors on them.  It's actually a problem with 
the 3ware cards being a little too touchy, but certain risers will fix 
the problem.  I can get you information on them if this sounds like the 


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