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Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Mar 7 09:15:52 MST 2005

Alan Young wrote:

>Sounds like you might be using pserver.  How come not ssh?  Or is this
>on a hosted server with only one user allowed?
Multiple users over SSH, which is why I had to play with permissions.  
If "Joe" checks out the files to the proper apache served directory, 
with the recommneded CVS permissions, only "Joe" will be able to edit or 
make changes to them.  So that is why the code is checked out and 
changed to group writeable.  It wont need to ever by re-checked out, all 
of use make changes off of that checked out copy and just need to commit 
the changes to deploy to the live servers.

This is how it is setup right now anyay, but we haven't moved to the new 
servers that I'm trying to get this setup on yet.  Haven't seen how it 
works in practice.  How I have it setup seems to eliminate a lot of the 
features of CVS, so I know it can be done much better.  Just haven't 
seen a good web dev environment example on google yet, most examples are 
for compiled software that doesn't rely on specific apache servable 
directories and all that.

I'm gonna take what info I have from the PLUG and see what I can figure 
out, but any more tips is very welcome.  Thanks!

Eric Jensen

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