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Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Mar 4 16:54:58 MST 2005

Anybody tell me how to interact with CVS/GNU Arch repository on a Linux 
server with a Windows client?  Any good coding software that supports it?

Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen wrote:

> We've also been looking into CVS or something like.  But I am having a 
> hard time even wrapping my head around it for a web development 
> environment.  For example, you can't just check out the code into your 
> work folder and hack away since apache needs to feed it out if you 
> want to test it.  For self contained projects that each user can run 
> their own instance of, it makes perfect sense.  Right now I have it 
> setup so the projects are always checked out into a development 
> directory that apache does serve and when you complete the testing you 
> just commit the files and then run a script that blasts it out to all 
> the appropriate servers.  Also changed up the permissions so all 
> coders can work on these files.  Which takes away the user tracking 
> functionality of CVS.
> You can really tell this is our first time with a CVS system.  I am 
> very interested in hearing about all the types of CVS-type systems out 
> there and their pros and cons for a web environment.  Or even just 
> better ways to lay it out.
> Eric Jensen
> Roberto Mello wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 02:06:12PM -0700, Steve Meyers wrote:
>>> We're looking into possibly moving to something besides CVS for our 
>>> version control.  One we are looking into is GNU Arch.  
>>> Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be as well documented, and it 
>>> seems it might be a bit immature at this point.  It does seem to 
>>> have some cool features though. Is anyone here using it, and if so, 
>>> what are your thoughts?
>> I wouldn't say immature. It needs polishing, UI, etc. but its design is
>> the best I've seen so far of the open source batch. And it works well,
>> very well.
>> subversion is a pile of hacks. It is made to work, but just enough so 
>> that
>> people used to CVS can feel warm and cozy. It does very well at that,
>> hence the number of old CVS front-ends that have been made to work with
>> svn.
>> You might want to look at Bazaar, a version of GNU arch focused on
>> improving arch's UI, usability and front-end-ability. It was created 
>> and maintained by the Canonical (Ubuntu) folks, and will remain as 
>> compatible as possible with regular gnu arch.
>> -Roberto
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