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Peter Howe peter at
Fri Mar 4 16:00:58 MST 2005

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 15:37, Eric Jensen wrote:
> You can really tell this is our first time with a CVS system.  I am very 
> interested in hearing about all the types of CVS-type systems out there 
> and their pros and cons for a web environment.  Or even just better ways 
> to lay it out.

We use CVS with our apache/php development.  It took me a bit of playing 
around I was able to get an auto-update to work.  Just a note, we have two
sets of servers, a development, and a live production set.  In the "loginfo"
file in CVSROOT, I added a line that would call a script ( the CVS and dev 
apache server are on the same server ) that would cd into the DocumentRoot
where I had done a cvs checkout and do a "cvs up -P -d". I found it worked
best if the update script did a 2-3 second sleep before accually doing the
update to let CVS settle a little.  When we are pleased with the dev version
we do a cvs export to the live server.  It works pretty good... however when
one of the programmers is trying to var_dump find a bug... they go through
many commits.... I've been thinking on moving to a system more like TJ.

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