Server at home

John Nielsen lists at
Fri Mar 4 13:13:38 MST 2005

On Friday 04 March 2005 12:34 pm, Thad Van Ry wrote:
> Okay, now that we all know the pluses and minuses of hosting a server
> on your own. :) I have a different question aimed at those of you who
> host your "hobby" website/e-mail servers at your house. I'm curious as
> to what ISP you use. Also mode of connection. (i.e. DSL, T1 (at
> home?), Wireless, or Cable) I'd also like to know what happens to your
> e-mail when/if your internet connection drops off. Do you have
> multiple mail exchange records at different places? Remember this is
> about a hobby/family server. Not business servers. Not mission
> critical stuff.

I actually pay money to have my server hosted at a real facility, even 
though it could be argued that it is in large part for hobby use.  My home 
server (the one that's directly on the Internet, anyway) does backup for MX 
and DNS (I also use for DNS backup).

I use Comcast. (and for my co-lo server)

I used my home server as my mail server for a while, but it was a bit of a 
pain, especially when my IP changed (it hasn't for over a year but it did 
several times during the AT&T/Comcast switchover).  Then a lot of places 
started blocking e-mail from "dynamic" addresses, so I had to find another 
solution for sending.

I had some other problems that were self-inflicted--trying to run 
SpamAssassin on an underpowered box while signed up to several high-volume 
mailing lists--that sort of thing.  I've been much happier since moving it 
over to my hosting server.


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