subversion woes!

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Fri Mar 4 10:51:00 MST 2005

> Have you tried dumping your whole subversion repository. If you cna get
> a dump you can recreate the repository from that.
> svnadmin dump /path/to/repos 0:HEAD > file
> will do the trick. Loading it back via:
> svadmin load /path/to/newrepos < file
> svn dumps as plain text so as long as something can pull it out..

if i do svnadmin dump /src/svn, it just gives me the dump from evilwm
(because the repository isn't set up correctly...  

if i do svnadmin dump /src/svn/website, i get: 
svn: Unknown FS type 'bdb'

i'm beginning to think that it might be good to pull my files out of
svn, (the ones besides the website, back up the folder for website in my
repository, remove svn, and re-install it...  

if i reinstall it with berkdb support, then i can pull in my website
folder and things should work fine (i think)...  

does that sound like it might be the best idea???

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