In-house Hosting Options

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Fri Mar 4 09:40:34 MST 2005

> Thanks for all the input, this has been fantastic.  I decided to go  
> with co-location, especially after talking to a few providers.  I  
> normally see pricing around $250-300 for a co-location, which is one  
> reason I was looking a doing it in-house since supplying my ownd  
> bandwidth seemed to match that price.  Pretty sure that price is  
> because you have to rent the servers from them.

By "rent the servers" are you referring to dedicated? For $250 - $300?  
Wow! Where were you looking?

Webpipe in Ogden has dedicated hosting from $59 - $149 [1]. Their  
colocation service is $69 - 159 [2].

ValueWeb in Texas offers dedicated for $59 as well [2].




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