Open Source C++ Charting Library for Linux/Solaris

Justin Gedge jgedge at
Fri Mar 4 08:50:23 MST 2005

As well as GNUplot-- there's a program called pov-ray.  Never used it-- 
but it appears to be pretty intense [scientific stuff].  On the simple 
side with pie charts-- I'd check out the PERL modules on CPAN.  I know 
at work we have a lot of charts generated on internal intra-net with 
some of these modules.  I haven't seen pie charts... but would be 
surprised if they didn't have something.  PERL isn't c++, but you could 
have a script that your c++ routine calls [or see if the PERL module is 
just a wrapper around some c/c++ library].

justin gedge

David Smith wrote:

>I'm looking for a decent open source charting library for Linux and
>Solaris, BSD/LGPL-style license preferred. I need to do simple pie charts
>and bar graphs, but they need to be pretty. There doesn't seem to be a
>whole lot of options out there, and what I have found is buggy and/or
>ugly. I found a commercial offering called ChartDirector, which works
>pretty well, but lacks source. Anyone have an idea?
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