In-house Hosting Options

Peter Bowen peter at
Fri Mar 4 09:06:48 MST 2005

Sasha Pachev wrote:

> > So I take that's what the advantage of T1s are?  I never understood 
> that either as DSL can go faster then a T1 and significantly cheaper, 
> but I haven't seen a way to combine the bandwidth for one IP.  I've 
> also seen DC3 connections from a few ISPs that are up to 20,000 a 
> month.  But still at a very poor bandwidth.  I just don't understand 
> what makes these different connections so special.
> Perceived value :-) Kind of like Sun hardware. Sometimes people feel 
> more comfortable when they have paid more, and the market is quite to 
> respond for the need for this warm and cozy feeling.
> For the bandwidth solution - the first thing that comes to mind. If 
> collocation is too expensive, get as many cheap 1.5 MBit/s lines as 
> needed with different IP addresses and use iptables + round-robin DNS.
> Near-perfect uptime is expensive, the closer you try to get to 
> perfect, and in many cases overvalued. I would venture to say that for 
> a regular web application, if your site beats the reliability of their 
> desktop , most of your clients will be satisfied. Once you reach a 
> certain point, it is wise to spend your resources on the things that 
> matter more especially when those resources are limited.
Like Sun hardware - come now... High end sun hardware kills PCs - On the 
other hand who wants to run the family site on an E10K. :)  Every tool 
has a job.


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