Hosting on at your own location

Jeremy Bowers jaire at
Thu Mar 3 17:34:45 MST 2005

Nicholas Leippe wrote:

><plug for my town>
>Not commercial, but Spanish Fork City has extremely reliable cable service, 
>and, if I am not mistaken, also offers colocation services.  They are 
>currently 3Mbps down, 1.5 up, soon to increase, and become synchronous as 
>well.  For residential service I pay $30-something a month. When I requested 
>a static ip, they simply responded, "how many?"
>So far, their network has survived all of the typical SF power outages I've 
>been through in the last 2 years.  (I've always been able to use the network 
>and watch TV during power outages in SF)
>They have an aggressive plan for providing service to all of the businesses in 
>town that want it, and in my experience they have always provided excellent 
>customer service.
Cursed Comcast!  Why do they hate me so...?  (Download speed is 3 Mb, 
upload is 256kb, no static IP's, $60/month)

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