In-house Hosting Options

Josh Coates jcoates at
Thu Mar 3 14:40:52 MST 2005

>>most colos do not have 4-5 major backbone providers

>XMission has six.
>UVNet has four.

um..i suggest you increase your sample space a wee bit. ;-)

oh, and note that there are a few 'bandwidth neutral' hotels, like equinix,
that dont re-sell bandwidth.  they are really exchanges, and have lots of

Josh Coates

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> btw - most colos do not have 4-5 major backbone providers - they
> usually have 1-2, sometimes 3

XMission has six.

	UUnet, XO, AT&T, Qwest, PAIX and CommIX

UVNet has four.

	XO, AT&T, ELI, Public Peering

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