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Sasha Pachev sasha at
Thu Mar 3 14:31:47 MST 2005

 > So I take that's what the advantage of T1s are?  I never understood that 
either as DSL can go faster then a T1 and significantly cheaper, but I haven't 
seen a way to combine the bandwidth for one IP.  I've also seen DC3 connections 
from a few ISPs that are up to 20,000 a month.  But still at a very poor 
bandwidth.  I just don't understand what makes these different connections so 

Perceived value :-) Kind of like Sun hardware. Sometimes people feel more 
comfortable when they have paid more, and the market is quite to respond for the 
need for this warm and cozy feeling.

For the bandwidth solution - the first thing that comes to mind. If collocation 
is too expensive, get as many cheap 1.5 MBit/s lines as needed with different IP 
addresses and use iptables + round-robin DNS.

Near-perfect uptime is expensive, the closer you try to get to perfect, and in 
many cases overvalued. I would venture to say that for a regular web 
application, if your site beats the reliability of their desktop , most of your 
clients will be satisfied. Once you reach a certain point, it is wise to spend 
your resources on the things that matter more especially when those resources 
are limited.

Sasha Pachev
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