In-house Hosting Options

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Thu Mar 3 14:10:33 MST 2005

Fozz wrote:

> Contrast that to you running a server or a farm of servers in your
> own data center with DSL or T1 lines? To match the level of uptime
> guaranteed by a colocation facility like XMission you'd have to spend
> thousands every month and incur tens of thousands in upfront costs.

(Disclaimer: I own a small hosting business.)

I agree with Fozz on this one.  Trying to run high-availability or 
mission-critical servers in-house is less attractive (financially and 
otherwise) than just finding a co-lo who offers dedicated servers.  
You'll probably have no trouble finding a dedicated box on high-speed 
multiply-redundant lines for $200-300/month, which sounds like the 
prices you're talking about to run it in-house anyway.

Having other people 24x7 to worry about the connectivity and power 
issues-- rather than doing it yourself-- gives you time (and money) to 
spend on improving your business.


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