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Thu Mar 3 14:09:16 MST 2005

Anyone going?  They sure have a strong Linux message judging from the

Check out the some of the cooler sessions:
BOF 16  Linux on the Desktop
BOF 17  Using Open Source Tools to Manage Projects
BUS 132 Selling Your Boss and Your Boss' Boss on Novell Linux Desktop
BUS 148 COCC Case Study: Novell exteNd on SUSE LINUX
BUS 230 New Intel Technologies and the Linux Desktop
BUS 231 How Novell IS&T Migrated Thousands of Desktops From Windows to
DHO 132 Mono: Developing and Deploying .NET Applications for Linux
DHO 200 Insuring That Your Application Will Run On Any Linux
DHO 201 Building YAST modules Developer
DHO 202 Delivering Dynamic Web Content with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl
DHO 230 Mono: Rapid GUI Application Development on Linux Developer
DHO 231 Developing to the Hula Project Developer
DHO 331 Mono in Practice
DL  100 Linux Porting and Migration Strategies
DL  101 Introduction to YAST and YAST Development
DL  102 Porting Java Application to Run on SUSE Linux
DL  103 Developing LSB/FHS Compliant Applications
DL  104 Porting Red Hat Applications to SUSE LINUX 9
DL  105 Creating RPMs for SUSE LINUX 9
DL  131 Developing on Novell Linux Desktop
DL  230 Mono: Porting .NET Applications to Linux
DL  231 Running and Porting Mono System.Windows.Forms applications
DL  249 Exploiting Linux, Open Source, and Service-oriented
DL  330 Migrating Mission Critical Applications to the Novell Linux
Desktop Made Simple
IO  102 Windows vs. Linux: Getting past the FUD
IO  103 SUSE LINUX Retail Solution Overview and Futures
IO  104 Understanding How Open Source Really Works
IO  105 Where's the Beef? Calculating Linux ROI
IO  106 Intro to Open Source: Licensing, IP, and Copyright
IO  109 Business Reasons for adding Linux to your NetWare environment
IO  132 Introducing the Novell Linux Desktop
IO  133 Running a Successful Linux Desktop Pilot
IO  201 A Look Ahead: The Roadmap for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server
IO  202 Deploying Linux in the Data Center
IO  203 Linux Enterprise SDK - Linux Application Development
IO  268 Exploring the role of Open Source in Government Organizations
TUT 101 Installing and Configuring SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9
TUT 102 The Novell Client for Linux
TUT 105 Linux Security with SLES 9
TUT 106 A Look at Linux Filesystems: NFS, ReiserFS and ext3
TUT 132 Is the Novell Edition of Right for My
TUT 133 End-User Training Options for Novell Linux Desktop
TUT 134 NetMail & Hula
TUT 191 Novell SUSE Linux & IBM OpenPower Servers
TUT 204 Installing and Configuring Novell Linux Small Business Suite for
the Small Business
TUT 205 An Introduction to Novell and Linux Management Utilities
TUT 215 Managing Novell Linux Desktop with ZENworks Linux Management
TUT 218 Provisioning and Managing SUSE LINUX and Red Hat with ZENworks
Linux Management
TUT 239 Customizing the Novell Linux Desktop
TUT 302 UML and Other Linux Virtualization Techniques
TUT 304 Securing Linux
TUT 311 LAuS - The Linux Audit Subsystem
TUT 331 Deploying Novell Linux Desktop in the Enterprise

And yeah, I even had to leave some out but I thought these were the

For the full schedule:


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