In-house Hosting Options

Peter Howe peter at
Thu Mar 3 13:52:15 MST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 12:34, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> Eric Jensen wrote:
> > For $150-200 a month you can get a 384kb/s line that is, 
> > according to them, perfect for web hosting.  That just doesn't make 
> > sense to me.  When most users now days have closer to 1.5mb DSL (at 
> > around $30-40 a month mind you) how could you support even 10 hits at a 
> > time and not get complaints about it being too slow?
> > Eric Jensen

I have to agree with the goto a co-lo suggestions. We ran a rack of
servers out of our office for about 2 years.  The Internet connection
was always reliable (T1) but we had a cooling problem (no need for a
heater in winter, and A/C ran almost constantly during the summer ).  On
top of that, inspite of the 3 UPS we had, if the power went down for
more than about 10 min, we went down, and I was frantically trying to
get them shutdown before the batteries died.  Also, if you want to be
safe from ISPs going down, you have to either do some fancy DNS/Routing
tricks to merge multiple IPs or get 8 or 16 Class Cs to multi-home it. 
Last October we looked at Co-lo at moved the servers and I
sleep much better at night... multi-homed, multiple UPSs, Generator,
multiple A/c units, Fire suppression, better security, and it costs less
for us to have 2 racks + 1MB than it did for our T1 (Granted it was an
expensive T1 from SLC to AF (long story)).  The only down side is I have
a 14 mile drive to rotate backup tapes.

Take it for what it is worth.


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