In-house Hosting Options

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Thu Mar 3 13:42:49 MST 2005

Eric Jensen wrote:
> Not sure I follow what you are saying.  Internet goes down for many 
> companies, including colocation facilities.  So we should just pack up 
> our business because there might be occasional downtime?

Our servers have been colocated at Viawest in Lindon since July 2003. 
Since then, we've had (I believe) three outages.  The first summer, we 
had a couple hours downtime due to a DDOS on SCO, who used to be at the 
same data center.  Then in September 2003, they had a power issue that 
brought everything down for less than a minute.  We also had one issue a 
year ago where their electrician accidentally unplugged some of our servers.

The first two problems were mainly due to them having just taken over 
the data center from Center7.  They've made a lot of changes since then 
to improve reliability.

At our office we have a T-1, and at my house we have DSL.  Although up 
almost all of the time, it's nowhere near the reliability we have at our 
data center.

As others have mentioned, they have multiple internet providers.  They 
also have a large room full of battery backup and a monstrous generator 
to keep things running in the event of a power outage.  They have tons 
of air conditioners.  Everything is designed to keep your site running 
no matter what.

It all comes down to one question.  How much is downtime worth to your 


P.S. Viawest also appears to sponsor PLUG, so that's another reason to 
use them. :)

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