In-house Hosting Options

Eric Jensen eric at
Thu Mar 3 12:45:03 MST 2005

We have a standard 1.5mb DSL line for everybody to use.  The static IP 
line will only be for the web server.  We will be hosting large things 
like image galleries, virtual tours, etc.  So bandwidth is a consern.

So I take that's what the advantage of T1s are?  I never understood that 
either as DSL can go faster then a T1 and significantly cheaper, but I 
haven't seen a way to combine the bandwidth for one IP.  I've also seen 
DC3 connections from a few ISPs that are up to 20,000 a month.  But 
still at a very poor bandwidth.  I just don't understand what makes 
these different connections so special.


Kenneth Burgener wrote:

> Eric Jensen wrote:
>> For $150-200 a month you can get a 384kb/s line that is, according to 
>> them, perfect for web hosting.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  
>> When most users now days have closer to 1.5mb DSL (at around $30-40 a 
>> month mind you) how could you support even 10 hits at a time and not 
>> get complaints about it being too slow?
>> Eric Jensen
> As long as you are only hosting out basic webpages, then a 384kb/s 
> line is fine.  Web traffic is usually pretty minimal per connection.  
> If you are hosting out something more advanced, such as flash, or 
> large files continually, then you will want more bandwidth.
> Is this connection going to be shared for the whole office, or is this 
> a dedicated line for the webserver?  If you have other people behind 
> that line, then you will probably notice slowdowns.
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