In-house Hosting Options

Dallin Jones squitoey at
Thu Mar 3 12:42:36 MST 2005

> > For $150-200 a month you can get a 384kb/s line that is,
> > according to them, perfect for web hosting.  That just doesn't make
> > sense to me.  When most users now days have closer to 1.5mb DSL (at
> > around $30-40 a month mind you) how could you support even 10 hits at a
> > time and not get complaints about it being too slow?
> > Eric Jensen

Try looking at New Edge DSL
( with CSolutions.

They have a 2.3MBit DSL line for 249$ or 1.5MBit for 199$

Might be something worth looking at.

Dallin Jones

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