In-house Hosting Options

John Nielsen lists at
Thu Mar 3 12:35:27 MST 2005

On Thursday 03 March 2005 12:25 pm, Eric Jensen wrote:
> Going to be launching a business management system and we are going to
> host the web sites instead of distribute our code base.  This is where
> my knowledge gets pretty sparse.   We would really like to run our own
> servers from our location isntead of colocate.  I looked at a few ISPs
> and what they offer for DSL lines with a static IP and have not been
> impressed.  For $150-200 a month you can get a 384kb/s line that is,
> according to them, perfect for web hosting.  That just doesn't make
> sense to me.  When most users now days have closer to 1.5mb DSL (at
> around $30-40 a month mind you) how could you support even 10 hits at a
> time and not get complaints about it being too slow?  We were thinking
> of getting one line with a static IP and then a bunch of 1.5mb standard
> lines and merging them.  We think that will work fine for download, but
> not upload since we would go out on a different IP.  Seems like it would
> really screw up DNS, amongst other things I'm sure.  So what are our
> options if we want to keep the equipment in-house?  Am I missing
> something with these 384-ish DSL lines designed for small-medium
> businesses?

I don't think you're missing something (maybe "small-medium" should be read 
as "dirt poor non-technical").

You probbaly want multiple bonded T1's.  One IP, enough bandwidth.  Most 
providers that will give you a T1 offer this.  ELI and UVNet ( 
come to mind.


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